Event Organizer Checklist


Preparing for the event

Lifion’s logo should be on your event page. To download the Lifion logo, click here

If you’re using Meetup.com, the left sidebar is a good place for the logo. If you’re using a different event site, use your best judgment.


Add a description of the host

Lifion by ADP invites you to visit our home for big ideas, ambitious folks and those who are committed to delivering finely made products at scale. Join us after-hours for provocative talks, engaging discussions and some great opportunities to connect with serious thinkers and doers. Visit us at Lifion.com for a calendar of upcoming events and current job opportunities. We’re hiring.


The night before the event

24-hours before the event, send the list of attendees with their first and last names to Susan.Heagney@ADP.com


After the event

Provide a short write up summarizing the event and key takeaways and send this to Susan.Heagney@ADP.com


Logo guidelines

Here are some guidelines to help you use the Lifion logo easily and correctly. Please do not modify or use the Lifion logo in any other way than how we've specified below. If you have any questions, please reach out to Susan.Heagney@ADP.com