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Upcoming Events

Product Thinking Meetup
6:45 pm18:45

Product Thinking Meetup


Netflix "Wicked Hard Decisions"


Join us as we host the Product Thinking Meetup Group for an exciting presentation by Gibson Biddle, former VP Product at Netflix.


Hear how the Netflix team made tough decisions about the hardest things - people, product and business - as it grew to support over 100 million members today. This is “inside baseball,” revealing the decision-making process behind some of Netflix’ toughest decisions and reinforcing the importance of strategy, data and intuition to inform decisions and to create a highly innovative product culture.


This highly interactive talk presents five, “What would you do?” case studies. It presents two frameworks for describing both company and product strategy and illustrates the importance of defining clear tactics and metrics against each strategy. You'll be surprised at the extent Netflix learned through failure to become the worldwide streaming giant that most people know and love today.


Meet Gibson Biddle:

Gibson Biddle

Gibson Biddle was VP of Product at Netflix from 2005-2010, then became the Chief Product Officer of the textbook rental company, Chegg, that went public in 2013. Today, he's an Executive In Residence and adviser for multiple consumer tech companies, as well as a guest lecturer at Stanford.


Lifion Host: Jay Fox

Event Host & Organizer: Tremis Skeete




Appium Meetup: Automation of Native Mobile Apps
6:45 pm18:45

Appium Meetup: Automation of Native Mobile Apps


Join Lifion host, Michael McDermott, as we welcome the Appium Meetup group for a discussion about new developments with Appium and the current state of mobile app testing.

Leading the discussion is Jon Lipps ( a philosopher, technologist, and the architect and project lead for Appium. He is also the Director of Open Source at Sauce Labs. We look forward to some insightful ideas from him.

Event Host: Jesse Lindley, SauceLabs

NYC Mobile App Developers Meetup
7:00 pm19:00

NYC Mobile App Developers Meetup


Join our host, Ashish Bidadi, for an awesome discussion about mobile app development and meet some cool people involved in app development.

We'll kick off the evening with some refreshments and then hear lessons and best practices for mobile app development. 

The Plan 

7.00pm - Check-in and onsite registration   
7.30pm - Welcome and introductions   
7.45pm - Mobile App Development Panel   
8.15pm - Q&A from Audience   
8.30pm - Networking

The People  

Michelle Alexander, Mobile Engineering Manager at Spotify 
Russell Stephens, Software Engineer at Compass 
James Paolantonio, Mobile Engineering Manager at Slice

How to grow your business like SEMrush
6:45 pm18:45

How to grow your business like SEMrush

Join us as we welcome back the Online Geniuses Meetup group.

Tonight we will hear from guest speaker Martin Weinberg marketing director @ SEMrush. He will be presenting: "Creative Ways to Find New Online Prospects" 


Looking for ways to expand your audience? Stuck in the same keyword research rut?  The answers are out there, you just need to know where to look. Learn specific free tactics to uncover untapped marketing potential and open up new directions for your digital marketing.



6:45-7:00 check-in & networking

7:45-8:15 Q & A

8:15 - 8:45 more networking


Lifion Host: Aubrie Jones

Event Host: David Markovich


We look forward to seeing you there! 






Martin Weinberg

Martin Weinberg


Martin was also kind enough to give away a free two week trial of SEMrush ($100 value) to everyone who attends this meetup!

Meetup: HR Tech Showcase #10
6:45 pm18:45

Meetup: HR Tech Showcase #10



From Back-Office to Strategic—The Tech-Enabled Rise of HR


Join Lifion's own, Harish Peri, as he hosts HR professionals, recruiters, technologists, thinkers and innovators on Tuesday, May 9.




Hillary Mager, Head of Recruiting at Flatiron Health

Hillary leads the Recruiting team at Flatiron Health, an oncology technology company which is now at 450 employees and growing. In the past year alone, the Recruiting team has hired 200 people, spanning engineering, clinicians, sales, account management, operations and more! Prior to joining Flatiron, Hillary worked in a variety of recruiting roles, both in-house at Bridgewater Associates as well as on the agency side. Most recently, Hillary founded and ran her own boutique recruiting firm, Jane Partners. Hillary holds a Bachelors of Arts in English from University of Michigan. 

Hillary will speak about: "Don't Ask, Advise: Tips on Communicating as a Strategic Partner."


Emily Disston, Director of People & Culture at BetterCloud

Since joining Bettercloud two years ago to build and lead the HR function, Emily has helped the tech startup scale from 80 to 150 people. Emily's HR experience spans both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. She studied Psychology at Tulane University and then went on to get her Masters in Psychological Counseling at Columbia University.  Her top passions are Leadership effectiveness and cross-team communication.  

Emily will speak about: "Positioning HR as Leadership Advisors Using 360 Reviews."


- More speakers TBA.


Event Host: Anada Lakra, Day 100


Doors open at 6:45 pm.

Meetup: ReactNYC #2
6:45 pm18:45

Meetup: ReactNYC #2


Please save the date and join our host, Sean Mooney, to welcome back our friend, Ilya Gelman, for what will no doubt be another great ReactNYC Meetup!




Build Your Own Observable
Neal Lubin

What's the best way to learn a library? Build it from scratch! In this talk we'll build our own simple implementation of Observable using nothing but the docs as a reference 


Lightning talk: TBD
Colin Jaffe 



Revisiting the Front-end Build Process
Don Mclean 

Introducing a new CLI made to significantly improve developer workflows, dryify & bridge the customization gap between build & source code, and keep build process libraries current and up to date all while targeting nearly all front-end environments.

7:00 pm19:00

Is Your Business a Lean, Mean, Profit Making Machine?






Attract the best people & put them in the right role! Train them, love them or they'll leave you! Cut turnover, reduce costs, improve effectiveness and increase profits!




Kathy Boyle, Chapin Hill Advisors, Success in Succession




Marj Ciucci, MAC Creative Plans, Getting Benefits Right

James Clifford, ADP Is More Than Payroll, Integrate Systems & Save $

Quentin English, CY Benefits, How to Save $ and Offer Ancillary Benefits

David Leaver, Opus Partners, Hit Your Sales Goals by Hiring & On-boarding the Right People to  Do the Right Things

Jarrett Meiers, Blueprint Essential, Are Your Tech Systems Communication? Do You Have Hidden Costs?


Lifion Host: Eric Forsyth

6:45 pm18:45

EO NY - Make Way for Generation Z


Believe it or not...there is life after the Millennial generation. A new generation is starting to hit our workforce right now, yet no one has been talking about it. Until now. Are you ready for Gen Z? Don't be surprised when you find they are nothing like the Millennials, and the time to get to know them is today.

Best-selling author and generations expert David Stillman offers insights into the next generation — and even better, he's bringing a Gen Z'er along!

David & Jonah Stillman - Father and Son, Gen X/Gen Z

David Stillman is a generational expert, co-founder of the generational consultancy BridgeWorks, and an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. He is co-author of two best-selling books on the generations at work, including When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace. David frequently appears on CNN, CNBC, and the TODAY Show. Jonah Stillman is a high school student, nationally ranked snowboarder, and grew up watching his dad become the voice of his generation. Now he is an acclaimed speaker in his own right and a new voice of his generation. 

Lifion Host: Patrick Conlon

Event Host & Organizer: Patricia Van Nostrand


6:45 pm18:45

Industry Innovators 2017 - Investor Event


Join us tonight as we welcome Shiboleth LLP, LeumiTech, Feature Forward, Inbar Haham, C-Bridge Capital Partners for an evening of company presentations, investor led Q&A, and real time voting by attendees for best company.


Lifion Host: Ohad Axelrod

Event Host & Organizer: Jennifer Paone


Evening Schedule

- Presentations begin promptly at 7:15 pm

- Q&A - led by Investor Panel

- Attendees will vote real time for best company (winner will be announced at event)


Company Roster

GreenScreens is a digital marketing company and a place-based media system for the cannabis industry that turns pre-existing screens in cannabis dispensaries into captivating and dynamic retail displays. Since they are located inside dispensaries, their screens have a 100% 21+ viewership. This allows for the dispensary, and vendors carried in the dispensary, to promote their products while still abiding to the strict cannabis advertising laws.

Unpakt provides an online marketplace that allows users to comparison shop for moving companies online. It allows users to plan, compare, and book movers who provide truck, transportation, and equipment moving; protection for furniture and breakable items; certificate of insurance; and additional services, such as storage, extra pick-up or drop-off, special handling, crating for arts and antiques, additional insurance, and packing and unpacking services. is an enterprise class field service process optimization SaaS solution. The unique technology driving continually monitors equipment in industries such as automotive, office equipment, HVAC, aviation, industrial equipment, healthcare and manufacturing.  It provides real-time data on sub-optimal performance, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to use a three- fold solution to predict faults more accurately, diagnose issues and recommend corrective actions. These practices all aim to enable smarter, data-driven, optimized decisions throughout the customer service process and increase product uptime.

Toonimo is a smart Audio Visual multimedia guidance platform that simplifies any complex online service or process, to create a better user experience and increased ROI. Toonimo is built to help companies improve their customer experience, reduce their customer support costs, as well as accelerate their employee training, by adding an overlay of human voice and animated graphics that take the user step by step in a personalized way.

Investor Panel

Shai Tambor manages an investment partnership that invests in public and private securities.  From 2002 to 2012, he was a founding partner and head of equities at Owl Creek Asset Management, a New York based hedge fund. Shai earned an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2012 and worked in investment banking at Lazard and Goldman Sachs from 1996-2000.  

Adam Rothstein has served as a general partner in Disruptive since 2014. He is also the lead adviser to GFI, a multi-family investment office and a general partner in Subversive Capital a regulatory focused investment fund. Prior to his time at Disruptive, GFI and Subversive, Adam served as the Chief Investment Officer at Intana Management LLC, a market neutral hedge fund concentrating in the technology, media and entertainment sectors from 2006 to 2010.  From 2000 to 2005 Adam was a Managing Director and Principal at Robeco Investment Management, the parent company of Weiss, Peck & Greer. There he served as a Partner in its Select Technology and Software Funds. Adam has over 20 years of investment experience, previously performing analysis on the technology and media sectors for Weber Capital Partners/Bluewater Capital Management, Scripps Ventures/United Media and UBS Securities.




Focus On The Journey: Great Experiences Don't Happen By Chance
6:45 pm18:45

Focus On The Journey: Great Experiences Don't Happen By Chance

We’re out there building complex things. Though you may only work on a portion of what your company produces, the big picture may include digital and physical elements, web and mobile, brick and mortar, wearables, services, marketing, logistics, social and much more. You’re in the business of creating and selling an experience.

Designers have powerful tools and processes at their disposal, but let’s take a minute to examine the landscape, talk about great experiences, ways to put design into context and use our work to influence others and build a design driven organization.

We’ll also dig in a little deeper and touch on how we can use the journey as a model for business roadmap, organizational design, and a tool to truly differentiate a business.

Ben Running is the director of the Innovation Lab at where the team focuses on the next generation of e-commerce technologies like bots, conversational commerce, VR/AR, IoT, as well as organizational design. Prior to the Innovation Lab, he led the Jet product design team. was acquired by Walmart for $3.3 B in September of 2016, marking the largest U.S. e-commerce acquisition to date.

Prior to, Ben was Director of Design at BuzzFeed. He’s on a quest to visit all of America’s National Parks, and practices 80s hair metal guitar in his spare time.

ReactNYC Kickoff
6:45 pm18:45

ReactNYC Kickoff


Welcome to ReactNYC! We are going to have an epic kick-off event that you won't forget. Join this opening party and bring your friends (seating is limited, RSVP required!)




How to build Westworld (with React) 
Ken Wheeler 

Many of us have seen the screencap from Westworld that reveals they use React. This talk will explore, theoretically, how this could be done.  


Lightning Talk: Using React in Firefox Devtools - TBD
Jason Laster


Lightning Talk: Enforcing Function Call Arity in Flow
Gabe Levi

Gabe Levi is considering making Flow complain when you call a function with more arguments than it expects. Listen to him make his case and then tell him how wrong he is!


How React Works
Boris Dinkevich

Learn how React really works under the hood. What is the Virtual DOM and is the DOM really slow?


Interactive React Quiz

Do you think you know React? You'll have a chance to prove it.   


Lifion Hosts

Jason Melo, Lohit Sarma, Sean Mooney, Andrew Couch, and Darshan Kapadia

6:45 pm18:45

Karma Tech Demo Day 2017


Lifion Host: Ohad Axelrod

Event Organizer & Host: Guy Franklin


Meet the hi-tech haredi entrepreneurs of Kamatech and discover the future of Israeli startup


Kamatech accelerator is based on a unique model, which was developed and is supported by notable figures in the hi-tech and startup industry. The core of this model is the adoption of Haredi innovations by prominent successful secular startups (including Wix, Outbrain, LiveU, Taboola, Plarium, SQream and others). The program connects Haredi entrepreneurs to the hi-tech and startup ecosystem offers them apprenticeship in leading startup companies and provides supervision by senior experts. It gives access to knowledge and tools and hence promotes the development of Haredi hi-tech enterprises.

6:45 pm18:45

A Fireside Chat with Adam Singolda - CEO of Taboola


The Israel Founders Syndicate in collaboration with Israeli Mapped in NYExcellerate, and SOSA NYC, are happy to invite you to an evening of compelling Israeli Tech related content and networking.

The evening will feature a fireside chat with Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola, the "World's Largest Discovery Platform".  From it's humble beginnings in 2006 in Tel Aviv, the NYC based company surpassed one billion users in May of 2016, behind only Facebook in terms of global reach.  Taboola now serves over 360 billion editorial and video recommendations to over 1 billion unique visitors every month on some of the Web’s most innovative publisher sites, including USA TODAY, Huffington Post, MSN, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune and The Weather Channel. 

We'll talk with Adam about the evolution of Taboola from it's early incarnation in content discovery to the powerhouse it is today.  We'll talk about his experience raising $160 million over the last ten years from leading investors and global media companies like Comcast, The Daily Mail and Baidu.   We'll also talk with Adam about the Israel tech ecosystem, moving to New York, and building a big company in the U.S..  We'll finish the Fireside Chat with questions from our Meetup members.  


Lifion Host: Harish Peri

Event Organizer & Host: Lou Kerner

5:30 pm17:30

An Evening With Lifion



An Evening With Lifion



Lifion is a startup inside ADP.  We’re building the next generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) software and are gearing up to disrupt an entire industry.  But we need your help: we can only do this with the best and brightest.


Join us in our second networking event at our amazing offices in Chelsea.  Eat, drink, and learn about how Lifion will transform the future of HCM -- maybe with you helping drive that change.  There will plenty of time to network with each other, ask questions of our Application & Platform leaders and even tour our (ridiculously large) offices.


We’re looking for passionate and talented New Yorkers obsessed with technology and a drive to get stuff done.  You must have at least TWO years of relevant enterprise experience in any of our roles. Specifically - a background in HCM for product roles, Software Development/Computer Science and interest in developing on our low-code platform, UX, Dev Ops, Application Security OR experience with Javascript (React, Node, etc)


When: Thursday, March 16th at 5:30 (registration)


If you have two years of relevant work experience and meet the minimum qualifications for any of our posted positions, we invite you to submit either your resume or your Linkedin Profile for review.  If you meet these requirements, we will be sending you information to register for our event on March 16th (within 48 hours of receiving your submission).



6:45 pm18:45

Startup Exhibitors & Networking Happy Hour



Meet and network with startups and marketing colleagues, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from a cross-section of industries, companies, and levels. Marketers from the following companies have attended in the past: Pepsi, L'Oreal, Pernod Ricard, Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Rosetta, Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy, Havas, Thomson Reuters, Bloomingdale's, MTV, and American Express. 


We'll announce exhibiting startups closer to the event date.


6:45 pm18:45

Women in Tech: Crowdfunding




Join the New York Code + Design Academy at Lifion by ADP in Chelsea for a panel discussion on crowdfunding!

We're honored to be joined by panelists: Sarah Meister (Manager of Hardware + Design, IndieGoGo), Alex Daly (Founder, Vann Alexandra), TeLisa Daughtry (Founder/CEO, FlyTechnista & STEEAMnista), and Alex Fine (Co-Founder/CEO, Dame Products).

We'll discuss best practices, pitfalls, and examples of radical change in the crowdfunding industry for projects and business ventures. If you've ever wondered what it takes to get a project funded, this is the one panel you won’t want to miss!


Lifion, by ADP, invites you to visit our new home for big ideas, ambitious folks, and those who are truly committed to delivering finely made products at scale. Join us after-hours for provocative talks, engaging discussions and some great opportunities to connect with serious thinkers and doers. Visit us for a calendar of upcoming events and current job opportunities. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Lifion Sponsor: Harish Peri

Event Organizer: Tom Abogabal, New York Code & Design Academy

Evolving the Design Game
6:45 pm18:45

Evolving the Design Game

"There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt."- Audre Lorde

Join us tonight as we welcome the Digital Product Design meetup group and event speaker Ross Popoff-Walker, Product Designer at Google, for a lively discussion on evolving the design game.


As digital product designers, part of a new creative field and profession, we have opportunities to influence technology and culture in massive ways. Yet on product teams big and small, design is often still a misunderstood and amorphous role.


While our vocation might be new and nebulous, the foundational elements of great design are not. Craftsmanship, creativity, humanizing industry, and the creation of content and tools that that influence and impact daily life are themes that have been ongoing for generations.


Are we as designers empowered and enabled to have positive impacts on our users? Where is our profession headed, and what might our roles look like in the future?


Ross Popoff-Walker is a product designer at Google, where he has worked on Google Search, Image Search, and is currently working on Google’s Cloud products. Before that, he designed websites for big brand clients, created console video games, crafted mobile apps for Android and iOS, and worked as a product designer and manager at several different startups. He studied at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, and is passionate about connecting with others who believe in the transformative power of user-centered design. He can be found at or on twitter @rosspw.


Event Sponsor: Maximillian Kirchoff, Design Engineer, Lifion by ADP

Event Organizer & Host: Jonathan Horowitz, DPD Meetup Group

6:45 pm18:45

Introduction to Sendence Wallaroo: An industrial-grade streaming data platform


Introduction to Sendence Wallaroo - An industrial-grade streaming data platform


Presented by Vid Jain, Founder & President of Sendence and John Mumm, Lead Engineer.  


Wallaroo turns a group of servers into an industrial-grade processing platform that acts like a single low-cost and highly scalable system. Real-time applications built with Wallaroo are significantly faster than other approaches and get data accuracy, exactly-once processing, an in-memory data store, and resiliency.


Other benefits include:

- quickly write code once and then deploy it anywhere at any scale

- instantly handle real-time data spikes without any application changes

- 50x faster at 1/3 the cost vs. alternatives


We will talk about use cases including an electronic trading position keeping system that requires sub-millisecond response time and a cloud monitoring service that requires processing of millions of messages per second.


Additionally, we will discuss why we built Wallaroo, the architecture, and the challenges of building a distributed industrial-grade platform.



6:30 pm:  Guest arrival & networking.

7:00 pm:  Introduction to Wallaroo & Q&A.

8:30 pm:  Event ends.


About Sendence

Sendence provides software infrastructure that radically simplifies the creation, deployment & operation of any business critical real-time service, on-premise or in the cloud.


Click here for more information about the Apache Storm Meetup Group


Lifion Sponsor & Event Organizer: Eugene Dvorkin


7:00 pm19:00

IBM THINK Leaders presents Digital Founders Panel - 2017 Kickoff Edition!



New year, new events! Join us on Wednesday, February 8th from 7-9 pm for IBM THINK Leaders’ first event of the new year at Lifion, an incredible innovation space by ADP. Last year was an exciting year for us as we opened up our THINK Leaders series to you, the NYC startup and marketing community on Meetup.

This 2017 kickoff event will feature a special Digital Founders Panel moderated by Robert Schwartz, Global Leader of Strategy & Design, IBM iX. The format will include 45 minutes of panel followed by 15 minutes of open Q&A from the live audience.

We look forward to kicking off another great year with you!

Lifion Sponsor: Harish Peri

One More Woman Awards Ceremony
6:30 pm18:30

One More Woman Awards Ceremony


One More Women Presents

The Love Economy


What is this One More Woman Event All About?

The Love Economy is here...

It’s time to step up… to balance the gender equality of wealth in the world.

Because together we will revolutionize how business is done with a new style of leadership >> THE FEMININE LEADER.

When we step up to claim our place in history, we will shift the balance to a community of empowered co-creators.

It’s about collaboration, net-benefit and radical reciprocity.

It’s a win-win redistribution of wealth.

This is an evening event that will absolutely transform your ideas of leadership, money and wealth...FOREVER.

This is your chance to co-create the new definition of the feminine leader and break some serious glass ceilings.

This is a movement of leaders, just like you, who are go-getters, impact-driven, graceful, resourceful, and talented.


How Are We Impacting the World?


WE EXIST as a bridge for women entrepreneurs to scale beyond $1M annually and re-define feminine leadership. WE ENVISION co-creating a future where 10M impact-driven women entrepreneurs fully own and earn their worth and generate over $1M in annual revenue by 2030. This is in alignment with the United Nations #5 goal to end gender inequality.


Frankly, we believe that NOW IS THE TIME for women to put an end to the crab-in-the-bucket mentality, deeply rooted in the scarcity mindset, and begin to deeply support each other.


We also believe that our boardrooms and governments are long overdue in equally co-creating with the natural strengths that women leaders bring to the table >> women are natural born nurturers. Why are we not leveraging these strengths? We believe that when 50% of our global population (women) have the access, support, and information they need to co-create with the other 50% (men) …well, we will re-balance global economic power and together restore our planet.



Our scholarship fund provides qualified entrepreneurs with financial support to receive the resources, education, and tools they need to effectively grow their business.




DATE: Thursday, January 19, 2017

TIME: 6:30PM to 9:30PM

LOCATION: Lifion by ADP, 135 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011, USA

DESIGN DISRUPTORS Doc Screening + Panel Discussion
6:30 pm18:30

DESIGN DISRUPTORS Doc Screening + Panel Discussion


Join us for a special screening of the documentary “DESIGN DISRUPTORS” produced by InVision.

Immediately after the screening, join us for a panel conversation that will review content from the documentary, explore the state of product and UX design, the role and impact of innovation and “disruption” within industries, and the future of design at large. 

Panelists include:

Christopher Fahey
Head of UX
Lifion by ADP

Troy Wood 
Founder & Principal Managing Director
nexTier Innovations

Jenine Lurie 
Director of User Experience

Eric Menzie 
Head of Product for the WFS Markets Salesforce CRM
Wells Fargo

Moderator: Tremis Skeete, ProductTank Co-organizer


Today’s most disruptive companies have a new guiding principle: a fierce focus on customer-centric product design. DESIGN DISRUPTORS features an elite group of 15 disruptive companies—valued at one trillion dollars combined—who share the perspectives and sacrifices necessary to upend age-old industries and disrupt the status quo.

See more at

A film by InVision:






6:45 pm18:45

A Fireside Chat in NYC With Daniel Ramot - CEO of Via


The Israel Founders Syndicate in collaboration with Israeli Mapped in NYExcellerate, and SOSA, are happy to invite you to an evening of compelling Israeli Tech related content and networking.

The evening will feature a fireside chat with Daniel Ramot, CEO of Israel founded, NYC based Via, which is disrupting public transportation by providing ride sharing services for a flat fee of $5 + tax in New York City/Brooklyn, Chicago, and Washington D.C..  In NYC, where Via first launched, they are now providing more rides than Uber in large swaths of the city during morning and evening rush hour.

In addition to rolling out it's ride sharing service to new cities, Via recently raised $100 million to execute it's plan to be the dominant global on demand transit platform for cities around the world.

We'll talk with Daniel about the evolution of Via from an idea to the rapidly growing company it is today.  We'll talk about his experience raising $100 million, working with automobile manufacturers and cities around the world, and what it's like to compete against Uber, the most well financed start up in history.  We'll also talk with Daniel about the Israel tech ecosystem, moving to New York, and building a big company in the U.S..  We'll finish the Fireside Chat with questions from our Meetup members.  

State of NYC Tech 2017
6:30 pm18:30

State of NYC Tech 2017


A Special Evening With The Movers & Shakers Who Are Defining NYC Tech. Invite Only.


2016 was the year where the NYC tech ecosystem established itself as a prime player in the global tech scene -- being second to only Silicon Valley. NYC tech is coming of age and we’re lucky enough to have a front row seat as this new tech powerhouse heads into maturity.


Will 2017 be the year of massive exits and IPOs we've all been waiting for? Or, are we still in the building process stage of this unique tech ecosystem?   


Join us for a special evening bringing together the absolute BEST of NYC tech -- including Andrew Cleland (Comcast Ventures), Matt Turck (FirstMark Capital), Michael Rubinstein (AppNexus) and Ellie Wheeler (Greycroft Partners). The panel will be moderated by Sara O'Brien (reporter, CNN Money).


Hosted by ICONYC labs, this event is by invitation only for tech founders, investors and corporate executives. Space is limited so make sure you sign up early.


Lifion Sponsor: Amit Maimon, SVP Product Development

Slack Meetup - Bot Security
6:30 pm18:30

Slack Meetup - Bot Security


Lifion Sponsor: Amit Maimon

Event Host: David Markovich

Come meet other like-minded people in the Slack and Chatbot space. You will get to meet brands, agencies, developers and others who are involved in building or promoting chat bots. Our venue is one of the hottest start-up spots in NYC - come up with an empty stomach as we'll be serving pizza, beer and snacks. 

This Meetup is about how we can show end users that chat bots can be trusted in order to stimulate and accelerate commerce in this new ecosystem. 

Will include: 

• Ad serving  

• Privacy & Security  

• Bot take over  

• Bots ability to understand adjacent conversations   

• Platform interoperability between platforms  

• Bot ratings to help encourage better bots 


Speaker: (coming to NYC just for this Meetup) Paul Walsh, a Silicon Valley based Irish entrepreneur has founded several companies including MetaCert  the first company to build security apps and chat bots for Messenger Platforms - raising $2.4M in seed capital from investors across the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Russia and Israel. More recently he founded a new CRM company for bot businesses called bCRM, which has also helped to position him as a thought leader and spokesperson in the global bot ecosystem.  

In 2003 Paul founded a mobile testing company called Segala, generating $2.2M in revenue in its first year and grew it to become one of the most successful testing companies in the UK. 

Before moving to Silicon Valley, Paul spent 12 years in the UK where he was Chair of the British Interactive Media Association for 3 years – the Industry Association for agencies and brands in the UK. He has made significant contributions to Internet and Mobile Standards – and was one of the original seven founders of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative in 2005. Previously Paul was the first Technical Accounts Manager and International Beta Coordinator hired by AOL outside the US, where he was part of the team that launched AIM in 1997.   

Paul is an investor and Partner in a Michelin-rated Indian restaurant in Dublin, Ireland called Jaipur. He also cofounded Shanti Life, an international charity focussed on alleviating poverty and promoting sustainable living in villages in India through a microfinance revolving fund so that poor women can access sanitation and build small businesses. In his spare time he likes to travel with his family, keep fit, jump out of planes, and stroke nurse sharks 100ft deep in the ocean. And he’s a table tennis freak.  


6:45-7:00 check-in & networking

Pizza will be served

7:00-7:45 presentation start

7:45-8:15 Q & A

8:15 - 8:45 more networking

Product Tank Meetup
6:30 pm18:30

Product Tank Meetup


Lifion Sponsor: Eric Forsyth

Event Host: Tremis Skeete

At ProductTank NYC we love to hear from fellow product people about their experiences and challenges they've faced and overcome. We carry on this tradition by presenting three 15-minute talks from professionals, followed up by a Q&A session with our audience.

Our guest speakers include:

Daniella Patrick  
Innovation Lab Product Manager   

Daniella will share insights from her work as a Product Manager in an internal Accenture team that aims to solve organizational challenges with a creative lens.  This will include: their unique problem-solving process, what are some of the challenges and advantages of an in-house team within a globally recognized organization, and some professional advice for current and aspiring product managers.  

Mita Carriman
Co-Founder, General Counsel, & CEO  

Mita will share insights and advice based on her experience as an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Adventurely - an app to book tourist activities and find a travel buddy on-demand. Mita will talk about: How she came up with the idea of “Adventurely”, how to make sure that there’s a market for what one plans to monetize as a digital product or business, how to leverage the power of product/market research, how to ensure you hire the right technology professionals that are willing to work with non-technical people, and how to expect the unexpected as a product owner.  

Jenine Lurie 
Founder & Product Strategist  

Jenine has the consulting insights to connect business goals with user desire and motivation for service design and application development. She is experienced with the creative and technical skills to design solutions for intuitive, enjoyable experiences in a complex digital environment. She is an evangelist for User Centric Design (UCD) processes, and has been the Lead UX Strategist on a wide variety of digital applications for a diverse client base. Additionally, she teaches UX Design for senior management & technology teams to understand the value of 'customer first thinking' for digital products and services that meet the expectations, goals and requirements for both internal users and as well as customers.

"Good Questions, Good Products" presented by Eli Holder
6:45 pm18:45

"Good Questions, Good Products" presented by Eli Holder


Lifion Sponsor: Harish Peri
Event Host: Jonathan Horowitz
Presenter: Eli Holder

Most people say great products start with great ideas. But Eli sees it differently. Instead, great products start with asking the right questions. This talk looks at the early stages of the product lifecycle through the lens of those important and often overlooked questions. 

These early stages include:

• Strategy & Introspection, where we ask "Who are we? What's our purpose?" to better understand a product team's culture and the types of products that will resonate internally

• User Research, where we ask "Who's our audience? What do they really want in a product?" to develop user empathy and discover potential product directions

• Product Direction, where we ask: "What problem should we solve? Why is it worth solving?" to define and justify scope based on the value they create, rather than the features they include 

The talk covers the high-level macro-questions, why they're so important, and breaks them down into relevant component questions. You'll also leave with a few hacks / exercises to help you ask them most effectively. 

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Panel Discussion - Investing in the Post Obama Era
6:45 pm18:45

Panel Discussion - Investing in the Post Obama Era


Event Sponsor: Ryan Foote, ADP


Hear from finance experts

What might the economic and financial picture of U.S. and global markets look like after this historic election? 

Join Bentley alumni and parents; moderator Phil Uhlmann, Bentley senior lecturer of finance; and industry experts, as a panel of leading financial executives share their views.



  • Christine Abbott, Senior Vice President Wealth Management, UBS Financial Services
  • Gualberto Diaz, Partner, Xanthus Capital Management
  • Angel Colon, Vice President Structured Finance/Products, Tribal Capital
  • Daniel Nolan, President and CEO, Hugh Johnson Advisors, LLC.

Tickets are $20.00 per person and include appetizers, beer, wine and soft drinks. Registration is required for this event. Space is limited so register early!


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Documentary Screening "Design Disruptors"
6:45 pm18:45

Documentary Screening "Design Disruptors"


Lifion Sponsor: Alexei Zagdansky
Event Host: Tremis Skeete, Nextier Innovations

Join us on Wednesday, November 9, for a special screening of the documentary Design Disruptors produced by InVision.




About Design Disruptors

“Design Disruptors features an elite group of 15 disruptive companies—valued at $1 trillion combined—who collectively touch nearly every corner of the globe. Design Disruptors explores the common link that has enabled each business to upend their respective industries: the fierce focus on customer-centric product design.”

“Design Disruptors talks to design leaders like Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook; Alex Castellarnau, Head of Design at Dropbox; and John Maeda, Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins about how design solutions have formed booming, billion-dollar companies and how we can keep up the momentum.”

“The film provides an exclusive look into the processes, perspectives, and approaches of the product design and user experience (UX) leaders at the world’s foremost technology companies, including Airbnb, Coursera, Etsy, Eventbrite, Evernote, Google Ventures, HubSpot, MailChimp, Netflix, Pinterest, Salesforce, Spotify, Twitter, Xero, Zendesk, and more.”

For more information about this film, please visit 


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