Lifion Chennai

We're building a next-generation HCM solution with best-in-class infrastructure, talented colleagues, and a focus on collaboration, learning, and growth.

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Our Opportunity

At Lifion Chennai you'll have the opportunity to grow as a professional, work with cutting edge technology, and explore different roles and disciplines to discover what you really love doing. Chennai associates have the opportunity to own and deliver pieces of the Lifion platform at scale, grow as a full stack developer, and stay hands-on while doing so. We're focused on building a great team, so we offer great perks, too: a shiny new Mac on your first day, a fantastic office, and flexible hours (+ cabs when those hours are extra early or late).


Create something

On our team everyone is hands-on and every decision has impact. Our program is at a point where your fingerprints will be on everything as we move forward.

Grow your skills

Our team is built with alumni from Google, Microsoft, Amazon. We’re passionate about being our best, and we learn from each other.

Enjoy the ride

We’re building software that is mission-critical for millions of people, and the best way to carry that burden is to love it every step of the way.