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Product Thinking


How to Supercharge your Team by Divorcing Product from Project Management, presented by Jordan Bergtraum



Why does the product world often ask one “superhero” to take on both product management AND project management? Ludacris! COME ON! We are mortals, not product gods!  

It is common for employees to wear multiple hats as part of their role, especially in startups where everyone is expected to “pitch in”. However, asking one human to conquer product direction/strategy, product design and product execution/delivery is inhuman. Most importantly it is a relevant barrier to optimizing your product function.

During this talk Jordan will provide an on-the-nose discussion on:

  • The problem with asking one person to take on both product and project management
  • Ways to sell this problem to your leadership
  • Methods for transitioning to a better model



6:45 PM: Doors open

7:15 PM: Welcome introduction

7:30 PM: Presentation begins

8:45 PM: Program ends


About Jordan

Jordan Bergtraum is a management consultant with over ten years of experience in the B2B SaaS industry, mostly as a head of product for various organizations in the legal, education, facilities management, and pharmaceutical spaces. He has been responsible for product strategy, product design, and product delivery.