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Leveling Up Customer Journey Maps


A Product Thinking Meetup

by NexTier Innovations



Customer journey mapping is visual storytelling of the process that a customer goes through to accomplish objectives and goals. Their value is in creating a shared understanding among stakeholders, and they are useful for addressing customer needs and pain points. But what exactly are journey maps, how do you create them and what is the best way to use them?

Let's get together to discuss how one can create journey maps that generate real value for their customers!


Who should attend:

- Product designers that want to understand the context of their customers.

- Product designers that want to get a clear picture of where users come from and what they are trying to achieve within a certain product or service.

- Content writers that want to understand what questions users have and how they feel as they use a product or service.

- Product managers that want to understand the overall customer experience within a product or service, so they can identify opportunities to make the experience even better.


Meet Gerard Dolan:

Our special guest is Gerard Dolan, Customer Experience & Product Design Consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Gerard has worked in several industries including; Financial Services, Banking, Fintech, Energy, Automotive, Loyalty Programs, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail, and Non-Profit Organizations.



6:45 PM: Doors open

7:15 PM: Welcome introduction

7:30 PM: Presentation begins

8:45 PM: Program ends


Hosts: Erica S. and Ken Q.