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Against the Gender Pay Gap


Panel Discussion: How to address the Gender Pay Gap?


Tonight, our Essteem panel will talk through a few measures companies - and their managers - can take to close the gender pay gap.


Topics will include:

- Different kinds of Gender gaps, Stats and the Maternity leave. With Hugh Seureau, Co-founder at Essteem

- How to monitor the gap? with Marie-Eve Piche, CFO at Pymetrics

- 10 things managers and others could do to address the issue (panel)

Launch of Essteems' first Referral contest:

Refer talents you know to jobs and create "help chains": donate as much as you earn to Girls who Code, Women who Code, Girls develop it or UN Women. Come and be among our first testers of the concept. Become an Essteem Champion if you are among our top referrers, get videos about you, and more perks.

Fellow males! This meetup is not only for women. Men are usually 5-10% of meetups about inclusion, and it would help to see more of us there.



Marie Eve Piche

Hugh Seureau  

More TBC



Lyndze Blosser, User Experience Lead, Lifion by ADP



6:45 PM: Doors open

7:15 PM: Welcome introductions

7:30 PM: Presentation begins

8:45 PM: Program ends