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Meetup: DesignOps NYC Design Systems in the Enterprise



As design leaders and practitioners work on scaling design in their organizations, design systems play an integral part. Whether you have established a DesignOps program in your company, a design system program helps designers, product managers and developers leverage a common language, assets, tools and processes. This panel will concentrate on sharing challenges and lessons learned implementing design systems at the enterprise level. Borrowing a line from Scott Belsky newest book, the most important aspect of a venture, in this case, the design system is neither the beginning nor the launch, it is the “Messy Middle” where a lot of the important things happen. The audience will get the chance to learn from different perspectives and industries, the approaches to navigate and resolve hurdles encountered in complex environments to create successful design systems.


• Jose Coronado – Digital Impulsum. Jose has experience working on both sides of the fence, leading enterprise UX in-house teams as well as a consultant, helping clients build and expand their UX and Innovation programs. @jcoronado1

• Talia Fisher – Verizon. Talia has been living and breathing design systems both from the agency side and in-house, most recently as part of the Experience Design & Strategy practice at Verizon. @taliafish

• Adekunle Oduye – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Adekunle is a design technologist that specializes in design systems, UI animation and data visualization. He has experience in different organizations leading design system teams, collaborating closely with product management and engineering teams. @adekunleoduye

• Indra Klavins – WeWork. Indra has held a variety of roles in a wide range of organizations. Most recently, merging her experience in program management with that as the leader of exceptional user experience design teams. @indrapendence

• Chris Fahey - Lifion by ADP. Chris has extensive experience leading design teams in a wide range of organizations, from Startups to Fortune 500. He leads a multidisciplinary team of product design and research with a strong emphasis on collaboration and empowerment. @chrisfahey


6:15 PM: Arrivals & Networking

6:30 PM: Introduction & Panel

8:00 PM: Networking

8:30 PM: Program Ends