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Frontier Tech: Robotics, Drones, IoT & More [FirstMark's Hardwired NYC]

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Hardwired NYC, organized by FirstMark Capital, is a fast-growing community that explores frontier technology and emerging computing platforms: internet of things, virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, 3D printing, robotics, etc. 



• Ramses Alcaide, Co-Founder & CEO, Neurable (brain-computer interfaces for next-generation computing platforms)—Neurable, based in Boston, has raised $2M from Brian Chin, Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund, and others.

• Ben Forgan, Co-Founder & CEO, (decentralized access to the internet)—, based in NYC, is part of, which has raised $6M from Tyler Willis, Drive Capital, and others.

• Mikhail Kokorich, President & Founder, MOMENTUS (in-space flights for satellites between orbits)—MOMENTUS, based in SF, has raised $8M from Prime Movers Lab.

• Taras Kravtchouk, Co-Founder, Tarform (electric motorcycles)—Tarform, based in NYC, is part of the New Lab innovation center.


6:15 PM: Arrivals & Networking

6:45 PM: Introduction & Talks

8:00 PM: Networking

8:45 PM: Program Ends