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DevOps & Drinks

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From Nginx to Envoy – Routing in a mesh world


Routing in the microservice world is challenging, the reverse proxies and Layer 7 landscape and requirements have changed several times over the last couple of years to serve the rapid development in the kubernetes orchestration era. 

An API Gateway can decouple applications from external consumers, by routing ingress requests from end-users and third-parties to various internal applications, and by providing cross-cutting functionality like authentication, encryption, and rate limiting. A service mesh can decouple applications from internal consumers by dynamically routing inter-datacenter and service-to-service requests, regardless of where they are exposed on the network. The core concepts behind an API gateway and service mesh are not new, but the combination of current user requirements and modern cloud native technologies provide new constraints and new opportunities.

In this session, Waleed Ali will walk us through the journey from Nginx to Ambassador/Envoy as the microservices API gateway at Lifion by ADP.

Join this session to:

• Learn about the difference between an API gateway for handling ingress north-south traffic, and a service mesh for managing service-to-service, east-west traffic and how can they complement each other.

• Explore how the open source envoy project and the ambassador wrapper has driven innovation within this space, and understand how it differs from existing proxies like Nginx.

• Learn how it has highly contributed to the safety in deployment to non-production and production environments.


• Waleed Ali, Principle Architect at Lifion by ADP—Waleed’s technical expertise focuses on ‘DevOps’ tooling, cloud/container platforms, and enterprise microservice implementations.

(, @waleedeg)


6:15 PM: Arrivals & Networking

6:45 PM: Introduction & Presentation

8:00 PM: Networking

8:30 PM: Program Ends