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HR & Finance: Sound Approach to Employee Compensation Strategy


ADP + Gray Scalable Event

HR & Finance: Sound Approach to Employee Compensation Strategy



Join us for an engaging and interactive presentation on the fundamentals of employee compensation strategy for high-growth startups and mid-market companies. You'll walk away with actionable takeaways (not just theory) that will inform the direction of your company's compensation strategy. The presentation will be led by Charlie Gray, President of Gray Scalable, and will cover topics including:

  • Setting up compensation principles and employee communications

  • Structuring the right job levels for your stage and size

  • Balancing different forms of compensation (base, equity, and bonus) as the business grows/evolves

  • Conducting pay equity analysis

  • Integrating performance with pay


The Hosts

Charlie Gray, President at Gray Scalable

Ryan Holden, District Manager at ADP

Samantha Feldman, People Analytics Manager at Gray Scalable

Aja Kuczma, Principal Human Solutions Consultant at Gray Scalable

Lucia Smith, HR Consultant at Gray Scalable

Brett Moskowitz, Head of Client Partnerships & Growth at Gray Scalable

Aubrie Jones, Content & Brand at Lifion by ADP

Brianne Wilson, Senior Product Manager at Lifion by ADP



6:30 PM: Check In + Networking

7:00 PM: Presentation + Discussion

8:00 PM: Networking + Departure