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Scaling Agile across the Enterprise


Scaling Agile across the Enterprise delivering max value with min dependencies



Enterprise Scrum, developed by late Mike Beedle, the founder of Enterprise Scrum framework, scales Scrum/Agile based on customer segment level that results in not only reducing the dependencies among teams, but delivering the most value to paying customers.

This Meetup will be a lecture + exercises. We believe that we learn by doing. We will demonstrate how Enterprise Scrum scales through organization's funding its value streams. Sort of "Follow the Money". Yeah, it applies to scaling agile.

Who should attend?

Anyone implementing or planning to implement Agile/Scrum enterprise level and seeking guidance on how to deliver the max. value to customers/clients with self-organizing teams building awesome products/services.


Sue Ryu, a Business Agility Consultant, Certified Enterprise Scrum Instructor, and Certified LeSS practitioner, focused on providing business agility services to organizations to help them deliver valuable products and services to customers.


6:45 PM - Doors open
7:10 PM - Welcome introductions
7:20 PM - Program starts
8:45 PM - Program ends