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The Great US Security Debate


Offense vs. Defense

by Contino



With cyber security crimes on the rise, do security engineers have any hope in blocking these attacks? Join us at The Great US Security Debate on Wednesday, June 6th to watch two teams of security experts (divided into Hackers vs. Security) battle against each other.


Here's how it goes down: each team will be given a real-world security scenario. Our team of hackers will present how they can penetrate a network, highlighting all vulnerabilities, and the security team will need to show how they can defend themselves. At the end of each round our audience will decide if the hackers were able to get through, or if the security team was able to successfully defend.


So, if you want to see how your security network could hold up against a team of expert hackers, join us on June 6th for an epic debate!


Need more reasons to attend?

  • Witness technical titans fight it out in a debate-style event
  • Learn how experts would exploit - and defend! - vulnerabilities
  • Chance to ask your own questions to our hackers and InfoSec experts
  • Network with like-minded engineers



Krista Mazzeo, Cybersecurity Analyst and Certified Ethical Hacker
Curtis Yanko, Director Technical Alliances & Strategy @ Sonatype
Jayson Ferron, CEO and Chief Technologist, Interactive Security Training



6:45 PM: Doors open

7:15 PM: Welcome introduction

7:30 PM: Presentation begins

8:45 PM: Program ends



Zill Christian, Lead Software Engineer, Lifion, by ADP

Jesse White, Account Principal, Contino