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STORYLABS.IO Interactive Workshop: Let's Find the Fun in Fighting Climate Change Using Blockchain


Are the dollars we spend on our electricity bill addressing climate goals? presents an interactive educational workshop that looks at how blockchain ( can be used to optimize the world's energy infrastructures, promote the growth of renewable energy at the grid edge and democratize a legacy system that may not have people's best interest at heart.


6:00 PM: Doors open

6:30 PM: Welcome introductions

6:50 PM: Workshop begins

8:20 PM: Q&A session

8:45 PM: Program ends



Guillaume de Jenlis - Lifion Spokesperson

Sasha Santiago - Storylabs Director

Adrienne Smith - Stroylabs workshop host

Ben Conte - Stroylabs guest host (director of Commercialization for LO3 Energy)

Promo Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3