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Introduction to Sendence Wallaroo: An industrial-grade streaming data platform


Introduction to Sendence Wallaroo - An industrial-grade streaming data platform


Presented by Vid Jain, Founder & President of Sendence and John Mumm, Lead Engineer.  


Wallaroo turns a group of servers into an industrial-grade processing platform that acts like a single low-cost and highly scalable system. Real-time applications built with Wallaroo are significantly faster than other approaches and get data accuracy, exactly-once processing, an in-memory data store, and resiliency.


Other benefits include:

- quickly write code once and then deploy it anywhere at any scale

- instantly handle real-time data spikes without any application changes

- 50x faster at 1/3 the cost vs. alternatives


We will talk about use cases including an electronic trading position keeping system that requires sub-millisecond response time and a cloud monitoring service that requires processing of millions of messages per second.


Additionally, we will discuss why we built Wallaroo, the architecture, and the challenges of building a distributed industrial-grade platform.



6:30 pm:  Guest arrival & networking.

7:00 pm:  Introduction to Wallaroo & Q&A.

8:30 pm:  Event ends.


About Sendence

Sendence provides software infrastructure that radically simplifies the creation, deployment & operation of any business critical real-time service, on-premise or in the cloud.


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Lifion Sponsor & Event Organizer: Eugene Dvorkin