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Creating a successful SRE program like Netflix and Google


Tonight LIFION host, Eugene Dvorkin welcomes Jonah Horowitz from Stripe and Blake Bisset (formerly at Google) who will share their stories about anti-patterns in monitoring, incident response, configuration management, and more. 


You’ll learn that freedom and responsibility are key, trust is required, and chaos is (sometimes) your friend. 



What isn’t site reliability engineering? Lots of companies claim to have SRE teams, but some don’t quite understand the full value proposition—or what shiny technologies and organizational structures will negatively impact your operations rather than empowering your team to accomplish your mission.



6:30-7:00 - Guest Arrival and Networking

7:00-8:00 - Presentation and Q&A

8:00-8:15 - Wallaroo Announcement


Wallaroo Core will be available open source (under Apache 2) on 9/29/2017.

Wallaroo is an ultrafast and scalable data processing engine that rapidly takes you from prototype to production by eliminating infrastructure complexity. In this quick talk, you will get an overview of Wallaroo and learn how you participate in this new community.