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How to Elevate Customer Experience with Data Analytics


Join us tonight for a talk with Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer from Pendo; a Product Thinking event.


Topic: How to Elevate Customer Experience with Data Analytics  


Today's product design professionals are realizing that learning from data analysis gives one a strong advantage when it comes to creating fulfilling experiences for customers. Making design decisions based on hunches is simply no longer enough.  


Brian recognizes the enormous potential of user data when it is collected as a part of a natural and continuous research process. Whether it is including moderated or un-moderated usability tests, surveys, or contextual inquiries, Brian will explain how to utilize various techniques to gain meaningful customer insights within data. By mastering the use of these techniques, you will win the trust and affection of your users, increase your business' bottom line and gain a powerful competitive advantage for you and your company.


Hope to see you there!



6:45-7:15 Guest Arrival & Networking

7:15-8:15 Presentation & Q&A

8:15-8:45 Networking


Your hosts for this event:

Lifion: Jason Lovelace, Sr. Dir. - Product Mgmt.

Talent Recruiter: Samantha Loughlin

Meetup Organizer: Tremis Skeete