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Introduction to DevOps with Lego and Chocolate simulation game.


We are so thrilled to have Dana Pylayeva leading a DevOps transformation workshop by playing a fun packed Lego and Chocolate simulation game at our August Meetup.

You will participate in one of the most unusual DevOps transformation while having LOTS of FUN!

Visualize common process bottlenecks and experience a “wall of confusion” between development teams and IT operations. You don't have to be technical! We will use LEGO blocks and chocolate candies to simulate DevOps transformation experience.

Bio: Dana Pylayeva

Dana is an Agile Coach, trainer, author and speaker with over 17 years of IT experience in development, operations, management and coaching.

She is a certified Training from the Back of the Room trainer, Open Space and Retrospectives facilitator and the author of DevOps with Lego and Chocolate Game.


Doors open at 6:45pm

Lifion Host: Lohit Sarma

Event Organizer: Arun Pandey, Enterprise Scrum Meetup Group