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"Good Questions, Good Products" presented by Eli Holder


Lifion Sponsor: Harish Peri
Event Host: Jonathan Horowitz
Presenter: Eli Holder

Most people say great products start with great ideas. But Eli sees it differently. Instead, great products start with asking the right questions. This talk looks at the early stages of the product lifecycle through the lens of those important and often overlooked questions. 

These early stages include:

• Strategy & Introspection, where we ask "Who are we? What's our purpose?" to better understand a product team's culture and the types of products that will resonate internally

• User Research, where we ask "Who's our audience? What do they really want in a product?" to develop user empathy and discover potential product directions

• Product Direction, where we ask: "What problem should we solve? Why is it worth solving?" to define and justify scope based on the value they create, rather than the features they include 

The talk covers the high-level macro-questions, why they're so important, and breaks them down into relevant component questions. You'll also leave with a few hacks / exercises to help you ask them most effectively. 

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