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Product Tank Meetup


Lifion Sponsor: Eric Forsyth

Event Host: Tremis Skeete

At ProductTank NYC we love to hear from fellow product people about their experiences and challenges they've faced and overcome. We carry on this tradition by presenting three 15-minute talks from professionals, followed up by a Q&A session with our audience.

Our guest speakers include:

Daniella Patrick  
Innovation Lab Product Manager   

Daniella will share insights from her work as a Product Manager in an internal Accenture team that aims to solve organizational challenges with a creative lens.  This will include: their unique problem-solving process, what are some of the challenges and advantages of an in-house team within a globally recognized organization, and some professional advice for current and aspiring product managers.  

Mita Carriman
Co-Founder, General Counsel, & CEO  

Mita will share insights and advice based on her experience as an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Adventurely - an app to book tourist activities and find a travel buddy on-demand. Mita will talk about: How she came up with the idea of “Adventurely”, how to make sure that there’s a market for what one plans to monetize as a digital product or business, how to leverage the power of product/market research, how to ensure you hire the right technology professionals that are willing to work with non-technical people, and how to expect the unexpected as a product owner.  

Jenine Lurie 
Founder & Product Strategist  

Jenine has the consulting insights to connect business goals with user desire and motivation for service design and application development. She is experienced with the creative and technical skills to design solutions for intuitive, enjoyable experiences in a complex digital environment. She is an evangelist for User Centric Design (UCD) processes, and has been the Lead UX Strategist on a wide variety of digital applications for a diverse client base. Additionally, she teaches UX Design for senior management & technology teams to understand the value of 'customer first thinking' for digital products and services that meet the expectations, goals and requirements for both internal users and as well as customers.