Future: the HR Operating System

A scalable Human Capital Management solution that’s adaptable to grow with your business


Everyone's ideal HR solution is different

Companies are only as successful as the people who work there. But motivation, empowerment and engagement mean vastly different things to each of these stakeholders. Lifion's goal is to build sophisticated, consumer-grade solutions that can meet all of their needs while allowing companies to grow and win in the market.


The opportunity to change an industry

With 650,000 active clients touching more than 54 million workers globally, ADP is positioned to be the operating system for HR. We handle core HCM needs and build tools for our clients to pursue innovation in a way that has never been experienced in HCM technology. The Lifion team is driving these innovations. 


Core Data

This is the heart of the system. It’s where we keep track of our clients’ most valuable assets - people, relationships, organizations and more. Their data is secure and compliant everywhere we operate.


If the core is the heart, this is the brains of the system. Workflows, authorization and analytics with flexibility to quickly adapt to unique needs with ‘clicks not code’.


Apps are what users touch and feel on a daily basis. Easy-to-use payroll, benefits, continuous performance tracking, and hassle-free compliance.

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Learn more about the Lifion platform and apps here.


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