Earn $2500 for Referring to Lifion!


Leaps and bounds...that’s how we’re growing.  


We’re building a team of incredibly talented humans (and some robots) to work hard on big problems, laugh, and learn from each other as we define the future of how people interact with the companies they work for.


Team is Everything. We’re bringing together some of the brightest developers, product managers and UX designers in the industry. We value proactivity and velocity, and we provide a growth platform for people who lead and take action. And our perks aren’t bad either.

Who you should refer. We’re actively searching the country for the best and brightest Software Engineers, UX Designers and Product Owners . . .check out the site for a full listing of open positions.


You can refer someone directly through the links above, through our Careers page or just say hello@lifion.com and you’ll make $2500 once we hire them.


Easy, breezy, engineezy.


 **This offer is exclusive to non-Lifion/ADP employees**


*Referral must be made by the Referrer to hello@lifion.com and include the candidate's resume and contact details in order to be considered eligible for a referral bonus

*Referral bonus is eligible to be paid after 90 days of employment with Lifion by ADP

*Referral credit must be noted at the time of application submittal (prior to first interview)

*Employee referred must join Lifion by ADP as a full time, salaried employee for referrer to be eligible for bonus